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Who is Perrin Lam and why buy his cat and dog art?

At my previous career in marketing communications, I honed my creative skills aligning warmth, wit and design with brand personality.  I must have done something right because I went from being an unpaid intern at one gig to a creative director position at one of America's advertising goliaths.

By the early 2010's, I was ready for a change from corporate life. I traded my white collar in for a leash and made my love of cats and dogs into Cat and Dog Modern.  

Today, we not only offer vets and pet lovers the right contemporary artworks, we offer them in the right modular options to redecorate any challenging interior!  For those seeking art solutions other than off-the-shelf, we'll custom design art and signage for you - just email perrin@catanddogmodern.com for a free consult. 

Perrin Lam
Owner/Artist/Creative Director
Cat and Dog Modern, San Francisco