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A childhood spent with dogs.

An adulthood spent with cats.

And somewhere in between, a career immersed in design. 

By 2015, I was ready to reimagine the tired, clichéd world of cat and dog art.  And boy, did it need a refresh!

For too long, cat and dog art have been treated as a novelty – a lot of it still is - cartoonish, juvenile or just plain wrong.  Something on the sides of mugs.  But what if somebody treated the subject seriously, and had serious fun with it? 

Someone has.  The way an artist would - through an updated, contemporary and modern lens.

Welcome to Cat and Dog Modern, the design house that celebrates the nobility, humor and character of our pets with sophistication and wit.

If you never considered cat or dog art for your home before, you were probably right.  If you’re a veterinary clinic ready to update your space, I hear you.  In fact, I bet my business that you’d like my look better.

Goodbye “Cat and Dog Cutesy”.

Goodbye “Cat and Dog Corny”.

Goodbye “Cat and Dog Boring”.

Hello, Cat and Dog Modern.


Perrin Lam
Owner/Creative Director
Cat and Dog Modern, San Francisco