Cat Modern is now... Cat and Dog Modern!


After a previous life in ad copy and design culminating as Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson San Francisco, I decided to leave increased administrative responsibilities to once more play in the creative sandbox.  Only this time, I’d be creating something other than marketing - namely, graphic, steel and gold geometric statement jewelry at my own company, Disrupt Modern.

The public took notice.

My cats took notice.

Even the dogs on my neighborhood run took notice.  In fact, they’d often let loose with affirmative howls and the occasional pawed high-five.  Were they asking for their own geometric designs?

Before I knew it, feline and canine shapes and forms insinuated themselves into product lines all their own.  Today, Cat and Dog Modern is its own company, with a focus on playful, artful interior prints and wall sculpture that can’t help but elicit smiles.  (And oh yes, the cats got into the jewelry box, too, so be sure to check that line out.)

What started as a pet project, is now a pet passion.  Welcome to Cat and Dog Modern!


Perrin Lam
Owner/Creative Director
Cat and Dog Modern, San Francisco