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EZ Wall Refresh. EZ as 1, 2, 3, MINUS 30.

First time buyers take 30% off your first wall.

1. Email Cat and Dog Modern a photo of any size wall in your vet/pet space you’d most like to refresh, blank or otherwise, leaving everything in place if it isn't blank.  Be sure to include the rough wall dimensions (i.e. 10’ x 20’). 

2. I’ll email back your same photo with an overlay showing the space transformed by smartly rearranged replacement art, plus you'll get an estimate -  MINUS 30% off of our listed online prices. NOTE:  This discount offer applies to first walls of new clients only.  Shipping includes all art prints, ready to hang in museum-quality, brushed aluminum, glassed-in frames and all ready to hang lightweight wood wall sculptures backed with sawtooth hangers and finished with a semi-gloss, wipeable surface.

3. Email us back an “I approve” thumbs up and we’ll ship it out - complete with a new wall layout plan included so you'll know exactly where to hang everything. EZ as 1-2-3.  It's a great way to eventually refresh your whole facility and reinforce your culture of caring, wall to wall.


1. What if I don’t like some of your recommended replacement art in STEP 2. Can I request a substitution or two?

A. Actually, Cat and Dog Modern will allow up to 3 substitutions per wall - The new invoice price I send may need an adjustment upward or downward;  it will be adjusted accordingly.

2.  What if for any reason I don’t like the entire STEP 2 recommendation?

A.  I'll gladly do one total redo with a completely new estimate. Beyond that, there’s always buying “a la carte", simply go to the menu and shop that way.

3.  Can I add to a wall, or just buy individual artworks outside of the EZ Wall Refresh?

A.  Sure!  Just go to our regular art print and wood wall sculpture retail pages to make any additional selections.  Bundled suites of individual prints earn discounts our residential clients are entitled to, whether you buy unframed or framed.

NOTE: We now offer a classic, contemporary framing option at checkout that includes our two print sizes and a choice of three muted, brushed metallic colors.

Email your pic to perrin@catanddogmodern.com now.