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Sample Walls/Pricing


A few words about pricing…

Cat and Dog Modern art "by the wall" lets you immediately see how the clever modularity of our 9” x 12” and 16” by 20” art prints, as well as our small, medium and large wood wall sculptures work. For small, medium or large walls.  For obstacle course and jigsaw puzzle walls.  And of course, for empty walls. 

Most Cat and Dog Modern walls average about $1250 + tax and shipping… some a little less, some a bit more. (Even the price makes it an EZ Wall Refresh)

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3...minus 30!  What's the minus 30 about?

1) Email Cat and Dog Modern a photo of a wall in your vet/pet space needing a refresh. Be sure to include the wall's rough height and width.

2) I'll email back your photo with an overlay showing the space transformed by smartly arranged replacement art, plus an estimate - MINUS 30% off our online pricing - our promo for your first wall! 

3) Email us back a thumbs up and we process the discounted invoice and ship. If for some reason you'd like a substitution, we can do up to three.  And if you'd like another refresh option for the whole wall, we'll do another absolutely free. We're looking to refresh ALL your walls, proving ourselves wall by wall, every time.

Cat and Dog Modern's culture of quality underlines your culture of caring.

- These aren't the usual drugstore quality digital prints. These differ at every level, starting with our insistence on heavyweight, 100% cotton rag paper for the highest quality museum-quality imaging. 
- Each print is artist-titled and signed by hand. Each is inspected twice, including by our pressman whose shop is nationally recognized by major museums.
- Inks are archival in rich, Pantone hues and guaranteed indelible. 
- Each print purchased "by the wall" comes shipped to you fully complete in the appropriate durable brushed aluminum frame chosen from our silver, gold or black stock. All framed prints are glass-enclosed.
- Framed small 9” x 12” prints start are $60 for single colors, $80 for multicolors. 
- Framed large 16” x 20 prints start are $90 for single colors, $110 for multicolors. 
- Wood wall sculptures vary in price by size, cut and finishing complexity, from $90 - $375
- All lightweight, easy-to-hang wood wall sculptures are Walnut veneer or White Maple-faced, with a matte, wipeable semi-gloss finish and backed in MDF. 

To get you started taking your culture of caring wall to wall, try our EZ Wall Refresh on a first wall at 50% off our online store invoice estimate.  Why so big a discount?  We're hoping you’ll want to do all your walls the EZ Refresh way!

No measuring, no bickering, no hassle, no kidding! 


Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art


Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art