Welcome 2024 PacVet attendees! Introducing our newest prints, the "Dog Bed Suite" - see them at Booth #515.


Cat and Dog Modern,
the first contemporary cat and dog prints and wood wall sculptures to support a culture of caring.

Also introducing
9" x 12" and 16" x 20" print sizing which, combined with our wood wall sculptures, allow redecorating around typical obstacle course clinic walls!

Cat Art Prints
Dog Art Prints
Cat Wall Sculpture
Dog Wall Sculpture 

And, we'll take 30% off ANY purchase over $1200 of Cat and Dog Modern artworks. 

The easiest way to re-do your walls?

Send us a photo of any wall, receive it back transformed by our artwork recommendations, free - estimate included. There's no obligation.

Approve it and we'll ship it out!

Warmth. Empathy. Humor.  All in cat and dog form, all signed, titled and framed as prints in 9' x 12' or 16' x 20" formats and equally entertaining, lightweight wood wall sculptures. The lovely woodwork is faced in either Walnut or White Maple veneers. Whether it's print or wood wall sculptures, only Cat and Dog Modern reverse engineered modular "culture of caring" art messaging with works that can be centered or arrayed vertically or horizontally to fit the most challenging of obstacle-course spaces. 

After inventing Cat and Dog Modern, Perrin created a body of work that lets clients redo whole blank or legacy walls quickly and easily their way, or, for people who HATE redecorating, try our free, no-obligation EZ Wall Refresh.

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

 What've you got to lose except a blank or a randomly decorated wall?   

1) Email us a photo of a wall in your vet/pet space that needs a refresh. Be sure to include the wall's rough height and width.

2) I'll send back your photo with an overlay showing the space transformed by smartly rearranged replacement art, plus an estimate. Larger walls (like Reception Rooms or hallways) often pass the $1200 threshold for a 30% deduction.

3) Email us back a thumbs up and we process the invoice and ship.  With our art prints ALREADY framed.  And wood wall sculpture ALREADY finished.

Click on the EZ Wall Refresh link below to start aligning your "caring" walls with your caring philosophy!  Remember, there's no obligation, so you can always see our refreshed layout for free...before committing. Check out the other links below to get a more detailed picture of typical finished walls.




Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art