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Over time, graphics need a refresh. Signage becomes outdated. Themelines get tired. If any of these - or all of them - describe your brand, Cat and Dog Modern can help. From needs as simple as new signage to a total marketing redo.

 Cat and Dog Modern custom metal and wood signCat and Dog Modern wood and steel cat and dog in e-collar

Who is behind Cat and Dog Modern's claim to serious marketing expertise? Meet Perrin Lam, a former creative leader at a number of the West Coast’s well-regarded ad agencies. He may have traded in a white collar for a designer/artist's life, but he never turned in his strategic savvy. Instead, he took his ad skills (and experience as a pet parent) and created an entire, badly needed contemporary category of cat and dog artwork strategically emphasizing the vet/pet business ideal - a culture of caring.

Don’t take Perrin's word for it, check out Cat and Dog Modern's considerable body of art prints and wood wall sculptures. On target creatively, strategically and aesthetically. If you like what you see, let’s talk.  

Start the dialogue by filling in the message form on our contact page.  All project inquiries are confidential and will be promptly answered. Any projects discussed won’t begin without your return of an approved estimate.