In a ratings-driven business, nothing's more important than your culture of caring.

Let's take it wall to wall.

Competition's up.

Staffing's down.

Ratings need help.

And while your people are doing their best to improve care, your walls aren't. Not when they're blank or just randomly decorated. Our curated artful solutions engage clients, uplift hearts, and elicit smiles. For anxious clients and staff members alike!

Introducing Cat and Dog Modern. The first contemporary art resource for vet/pet businesses wanting to take their "culture of caring" wall to wall.

Cat and Dog Modern wood sculpture "Corghound"

Warmth. Empathy. Humor.  All in cat and dog form, all signed, titled and framed as prints in 9' x 12' or 16' x 20" formats and equally entertaining, lightweight wood wall sculptures. The lovely woodwork is faced in either Walnut or White Maple veneers. Whether it's print or wood wall sculptures, only Cat and Dog Modern reverse engineered a modular art messaging solution to fit the most challenging of spaces.

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

After inventing Cat and Dog Modern, Perrin thought of the EZ Wall Refresh.  The first "by the wall" solution to finally replace tiring, piecemeal redecorating.  

Cat and Dog Modern Sample Wall with art

Trying an EZ Wall Refresh is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Better make that 1 - 2 - 3 minus 30. (To incentivize you getting started, take 30% off your first wall.)

1) Email us at Cat and Dog Modern a photo of a wall in your vet/pet space that needs a refresh. Be sure to include the wall's rough height and width.

2) I'll send back your photo with an overlay showing the space transformed by smartly rearranged replacement art, plus an estimate MINUS 30% off our online pricing - our promo for your first wall.

3) Email us back a thumbs up and we process the discounted invoice and ship.  With our art prints ALREADY framed.  And wood wall sculpture ALREADY finished. As for the  interior design recommendations curating the right mix of art and layout?  It's free.

You've nothing to lose except a randomly decorated wall or a blank one. Click on the EZ Wall Refresh link below to start putting your "caring" walls to work for you! Or check out the other links to get a more detailed picture of typical finished walls.